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Telecom sector in brief

The telecommunications sector in Morocco has known various changes that contributed to its development: regulator implementation, market introduction of new operators, licensing, etc. This brief history shows some key dates in the evolution of the Moroccan telecommunications sector.

  • Enactment of law n° 24-96 postal and telecommunications services.
  • Creation of the ANRT.
  • Provision of the second GSM license to Médi Telecom.
  • Provision of two GMPCS licenses.
  • Provision of three VSAT licenses.
  • Provision of two 3RP licenses and four other GMPCS licenses.
  • General Guidelines for the liberalization of the telecommunications sector in Morocco for the 2004-2008 period.
  • Revision of law n° 24-96 and its regulations of implementation.
  • Mobile telephony market reaches 10 million subscribers.
  • Provision of a new generation license to Medi Telecom for the establishment and operation of a fixed telecommunications network (local, national and international).
  • Provision of a new generation license to Maroc Connect (today Wana Corporate) for the establishment and operation of a fixed telecommunications network (local, national, and international) with limited mobility.
  • Launch of the GENIE program that embodies the Government’s strategy on generalizing and integrating ICT in education.
  • Provision of three 3G mobile service licenses to Itissalat Al-Maghrib, Maroc Connect (today Wana Corporate) and Médi Telecom.
  • Mobile telephony market reaches 20 million subscribers.
  • Enactment of a law extending the authority of ANRT to manage the “.ma” Internet domain name and electronic certification.
  • Implementation of certain regulatory controls (number portability, unbundling the local loop etc.).
  • Launch of the PACTE program aimed at reducing the digital divide and serving all Moroccan rural areas yet covered by telecommunications.
  • Provision of the third mobile license of the 2nd generation to Wana Corporate.
  • Passage of the new national 10 digit numbering plan.
  • Mobile telephony market reaches 30 million subscribers.
  • Adoption of a General Guidelines Memorandum by the Agency’s Board of Directors in order to develop the telecommunications sector by 2013.
  • •    New ANRT decision on terms and conditions of implementing number portability.