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Frequency Spectrum

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) is, by law 24-96, in charge of the spectrum frequency management. The Agency's Board of Directors, rules on the management and monitoring of the radio frequency spectrum.

Spectrum Frequency Management

The radio frequency spectrum is used to provide all the wireless communication services (radio, mobile radio, microwaves, satellite services, public safety). Its applications are growing, as new technologies and their applications increase. One of the main challenges that telecom regulators have to face is to find the spectrum for the next generation of broadcasting services and wireless services.

In Morocco, the radio frequency spectrum is part of the State's public domain. The Law 24-96 mandated ANRT to manage it.

This law defines various regimes for the establishment and operation of radio networks. The following fall within its authority:

  • License regime: networks open to the public;
  • Authorization regime: independent radio networks.

Short-range and low power networks are free of license.

Furthermore, Article 4 of Decree No. 2-97-813 dated January 15, 1998 on the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency, states that the Board "shall adopt rules for the management and monitoring of the radio frequencies spectrum."

Also, given its mandate, the ANRT adopts the necessary actions to ensure a consistent view of the uses of spectrum usage, and to ensure all users the best operating frequency conditions.

To ensure these goals with efficiency and transparency, since 1999, the ANRT published decisions explaining the procedures for assigning frequencies for both public and private users. These procedures were revised whenever necessary with regard to the significant changes in radio communications.

Similarly, a National Frequency Plan was developed in consultation with major users of the spectrum at the national level. The objective was to plan for each frequency band, the type of radio service authorized. It is a transparent management tool that gives visibility to both users and investors.