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Purchases within the ANRT

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency, with the legal status and financial autonomy, conducts procurement operations in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Issues and scope of the "purchase" activity

The high stakes of purchases made by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency requires both method and rigor in their management. Combined with a constant concern for transparency and fairness, this requirement results in strictly defined rules, favouring competition and protecting the interests of the ANRT and those of its partners.

The scope of ANRT activities involves making purchases covering a wide range of products and services. Products related to its core business (regulation of the telecommunications sector), and procurement of functions support: offices, information systems, and various services ...

For closed markets, vendors can make their requests attestations reference to:

La Division des Achats et de la Logistique (Purchasing and Logistics)

Tel: 212 537 71 85 57

To obtain these documents, suppliers may get in touch with:

La Division des Achats et de la Logistique (Purchasing and Logistics)

Phone: +212 537 71 85 57