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Interconnection disputes

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) is empowered by law 24-96 in settling interconnection disputes in telecommunications networks.

Regulatory references

ANRT shall adjudicate the interconnection disputes under articles 8 of the law 24-96 and 5 of the decree n° 2-97-1025 on interconnection disputes in telecommunications networks.

The referral procedure of the ANRT is defined by decree n° 2-05-772 relating to the proceedings of ANRT regarding disputes, anticompetitive practices and economic concentrations.

Procedure for dispute resolution

Referral process

  • Receipt of the referral request by the General Directorate;
  • Study of the admissibility of the referral request.

instruction procedure

  • A four months period;
  • Contradictory process between parties, expertise.

Conciliation procedure

  • Preparation of a conciliation procedure to reach an agreement between parties;
  • If the agreement is reached, ANRT makes a conciliation decision that concretizes the dispute’s mutual agreement settlement.

Decision of the Management Committee

  • If conciliation fails, the instruction report is forwarded to the President of the Management Committee to take binding and justified decision;
  • Publication of the decision and monitoring its implementation.