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Studies and surveys

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) regularly conducts studies and investigations relating to the telecommunications industry. The goal is to collect reliable indicators and be able to give a image of the sector, while providing information that can be used to establish forward-looking statements.

Methodology and relevance

Studies conducted by ANRT follow a strict methodological approach as well as professional and ethical principles of transparency and impartiality. When the expertise and complexity of the subject requires it, ANRT approaches partners that specialize in providing useful data to investors and specialized bodies.

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List of studies conducted by ANRT

Survey on the quality of service and pricing of mobile phone in Morocco (2002)

Survey assessment of the conditions of radiation exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (2002)

Survey of Internet Service Providers in Morocco (2002)

Market Research on leased lines (2003)

Market Research on Moroccan Telecommunications Companies from Services (2004)

Internet market in Morocco: Status and prospects of development (summary) (2004)

Development of call centres ... the emergence of BPO in Morocco (2004)

Annual survey to assess the quality of service of GSM mobile networks in Morocco (2006)

Call centres in Morocco: Status and prospects of development (2007)

Evaluation of the Quality of Service (QOS) of public telecommunications networks in Morocco, QOS measurement campaign on second generation voice networks (GSM) for the year 2011 (2011)