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Decision n° 08/06 of July 28th 2006 repealing and replacing decision n° 12/01 of March 23rd 2001 setting the rules of providing value added services.

Decision n° 09/06 (03/10/2006) on the dispute between Maroc Connect and Medi Telecom on interconnection rates.

Decision of the ANRT Management Committee n° 05/06 (27/07/2006) on the dispute between IAM and Maroc Connect on interconnection rates.

Guidelines for the management of the frequency spectrum in Morocco (09/06/2006).

Decision n° 03-06 of 18 rabii 1 1427 (April 17th 2006) designating operators with significant market power in relevant telecommunications markets for the year 2007.

Decision n° 04/06 (09/05/2006) establishing the year 2007 the cost nomenclature of mobile operators subject to the provisions of Title III of decree n° 2-97-1025, as amended and supplemented, relating to the interconnection of telecommunications networks.

Decision n° 02-06 of 26 hija 1426 (January 27th 2006) listing the relevant markets for years 2006, 2007, 2008.

Decision n° 10-05 of 23 ramadan 1426 (October 27th 2005) on procedures and deadlines to be respected by public telecommunications network operators for providing ANRT with information.

Decision n° 9-05 of 26 rejeb 1426 (September 2st 2005) related to the endorsement, for the year 2006, of the long run incremental cost method (LRIC) for the determination of interconnection operator rates subject to the provisions of Title III of decree n° 2-97-1025 on the interconnection of telecommunications networks, as amended and supplemented by decree n° 2-05-770 of 6 joumada Il 1426 (July 13th 2005).

Decision n° 01/06 of (13/01/2006) approving the reference interconnection offer for the fixed network of IAM for 2006.