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National numbering plan: an additional prefix (07) for mobile telephony

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency, in cooperation with the three mobile operators, assigns an additional prefix (07) for mobile telephony needs. This will enable customers to have new mobile phone numbers starting with 07 and in the form of (07AB xxxxxx).



Developments in the telecommunications market in the 1st quarter of 2016: Mobile subscriber base stabilizes. Usage increases

The first quarter of 2016 was marked by a stabilization of the main indicators of the telecommunications market. Measured by an average revenue per minute (ARPM), mobile communications prices recorded an annual decline of 29%. At the end of March 2016, the mobile ARPM reached 0.22/DHHT/min compared to 0.31/DHTT/min at the end of March 2015.



Device and ICT usage in Morocco: Nearly 15 million smartphones. 66.5% of households have Internet access

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) publishes the results of the 12th annual national survey on information and communication technologies (ICT) for households and individuals for the year 2015.



Arab countries come together in Rabat to discuss telecommunications standardization matters

On the 30th and 31st of March 2016, in collaboration with the Telecommunications and Information Technology Development Authority of the League of Arab States, ANRT is hosting the 10th meeting of the Arab Group on telecommunications standardization matters.



Arab telecom authorities discuss regional telecoms and ICT development initiatives in Rabat

On the 28th and 29th of March 2016, ANRT is hosting the Arab Regional Development Forum of the ITU (RDF-ARM 2016) organized by the Arab Regional Bureau of the International Telecommunications Union.



ICANN 55: Marrakech, Internet world capital

Under the High Patronage of His Majesty the King, assisted by God, the city of Marrakech hosted the 55th meeting of ICANN (Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers), an institution in charge of assigning Internet domain names and numbers, the security, stability and global coordination of the system of unique Internet identifiers.



Agreement between ANRT and AFRINIC for the deployment of a copy of the L-Root server in Morocco

Mr. Azdine El Mountassir Billah, General Director of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency and Alan Barrett, CEO of AFRINIC, signed an agreement in Morocco on Wednesday 9 March 2016 for the deployment of a copy of the Domain Name System (DNS) management server on the Internet, the so-called: DNS root L-Root.



Quality of service (QoS) for voice and mobile Internet of 2G and 3G national networks : further efforts to be made by telecom operators

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) publishes reports on the quality of service of national telecommunications networks.



2015: Year of mobile Internet

The main indicators of the telecommunications market experienced several developments during the 4th quarter of 2015.



Press release on IP telephony services

Over the past few days, the press has communicated the disruption of free IP telephony services (Internet protocol) offered by some applications available on the Internet.