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Revision of frequency fees

In application of the decisions taken by the Board of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency during the session of December 20, 2017, the fees for the assignment of frequencies for some radio services were reviewed. These include the frequencies operated by operators holding licenses for 3RP, GMPCS and VSAT as well as audiovisual communication operators for the operating audiovisual frequencies.

  • For the 3RP (shared resource radio network) and GMPCS (Global Mobile Personal Communication System), their fees have been reduced by 50% to support them in the development of this specific market (see Annex 6).
  • For the VSAT operators, new levels have been implemented, with reductions exceeding 50%, for operating more than 500 VSAT stations by the concerned operators in order to contribute to the development of this market (see Annex 6).
  • Regarding audiovisual frequencies, and in consultation with all the concerned Authorities, the pricing formula, in force since 1998, has been updated to go from the current one (based on the station, the type of audiovisual service and the power of the base station) to a new adapted formula, unique and multi-criteria, incorporating, in addition to the previous parameters, new relevant (economic, demographic, ...) (see article 4 and annex 8).

Also, Decree n°2045-18 of the Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy, published in the Official Bulletin of 19 July 2018, taken after the opinion of the Minister of Economy and Finance, clarifies and sets these new fees.

Download the full text of the new decision (in French)