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WiFi 6E is now authorized in Morocco

From June 2021, it will be possible to use the latest evolution of the Wi-Fi standard, which offers much higher speeds than those currently offered. More precisely, the WiFi 6E will allow a 40% increase in speed compared to its predecessor and this through an additional spectrum for these new uses. The WiFi 6E allows high speeds of browsing (up to 1.2 GB / s per carrier and 9.6 GB / s to turn a hotspot) and reduced latency for activities such as telecommuting, video conferencing, e-learning and virtual reality augmented. Morocco is the first country in Africa to have authorized Wi-Fi 6E technology, which is now gradually being installed in all new smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

The use of Wi-Fi 6E is made possible following the publication of the Decision ANRT/DG/N°07/2021 of May 2021 amending and supplementing the technical conditions for the use of radio installations composed of low power and short range devices. This new decision brings some other novelties such as the use of omnidirectional radars for obstacle detection in the 24-24.25 GHz band, portable low power low range devices operating in certain frequency bands.

Read the decision (in french)