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Human capital

To meet the challenges of the telecommunications sector, the National Agency of Telecommunications regulation (ANRT) has high-level human resources, mastering the technical, legal, and economic aspects of the telecommunications sector. The Agency also attaches great importance to the continued development of what it considers to be its main asset.

Highly qualified human resources

With multi-disciplinary high level profiles, ANRT employees come from the best domestic and foreign training institutions.  Furthermore, years of practice have enabled them to capitalize on the experience necessary to meet the challenges of the Agency’s missions.

ANRT’s human resources benefit from various on-going training sessions to improve their business skills, managerial skills, and professional performances within their teams.

At the end of 2010, the Agency had 342 employees (185 employees for the headquarters and 157 for INPT). This workforce is characterized by a Junior-to-Senior ratio of 61% and a relatively young age pyramid with a 44 years average age.