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.ma domain names

Managing the ".ma" domain is one of the missions of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency. In this context, the ANRT is required to put in place the necessary arrangements to provide administrative, technical and commercial management of the ".ma" domain, in line with international practice.

To register a domain name under the national extension ".ma", the applicant must submit a request to his registrar.

Applications are routed and processed by Itissalat Al-Maghrib that currently holds the technical administration of the ".ma" domain.

The Registration applications are processed on the basic principle of registration "first come, first served" base, in accordance with a set of criteria defined at the Naming chart of the ".ma" domain.

Following the transfer of the ".ma" domain delegation by ICANN, the ANRT becomes the official domain administrator of ".ma" Thus, ANRT supports, among other things:

  • Defining the regulations governing the management of the ".ma" national domain and the monitoring of its implementation;
  • Establishing rules for administrative and technical management in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner;
  • Setting up the necessary technical specifications for technical management of the ".ma" domain to meet the needs of all users and providers, and to facilitate the registration of new domain names;
  • The authorization of “.ma” domain names registrars to ensure fair and sound business practices;
  • Representing the ".ma"  domain in international bodies;
  • Applying the naming policy, as approved by its Board of Directors, and monitoring the compliance by the various stakeholders including technical manager and providers;
  • Protecting end users regarding the misuse of ".ma" domain names ;
  • Establishing rules governing the management of conflicts over the use of ".ma" domain names;
  • Ensuring the continuity of ".ma" domain name registration services.

Manager means the body designated by the ANRT in charge of the administrative and technical management of ".ma" domain names He/She is in charge of the maintenance of databases and public research services as well as the proper operation of servers.

As of today, the technical manager is Itissalat Al-Maghrib.

A “.ma” registrar is declared by the ANRT to provide the value-added service “"Commercialization of '.ma' domain names". He’s responsible for registering and editing information about the domain names of its customers (applicants or registrants of domains).

The declaration of registrars is processed by ANRT in a simple and transparent process by which the registrar agrees in particular to ensure the commercialization of the ".ma" domain names under transparent and fair business practices.

Registrars can sell ".ma" domain names alone or packaged with other services.

Download the list of authorized registrars in charge of the "Commercialization of '.ma' domain names"

In most cases, domain names on the Internet are limited to the use of a restricted set of ASCII characters (i.e. a-z, 0-9 and "-").

However, and due to the growth of Internet by very different language groups, the demand for multilingual domain names (so called IDN: Internationalized Domain Names) is intensifying.

In this context, and through the creation of new country extensions (ccTLDs) in non-Latin characters (Russian Arabic, Chinese, ...), ANRT, with the support of government, had started in 2010 the application process of delegation of Arabic ccTLD "المغرب.".

Thus, the Board of Directors of ICANN has approved, in April 2011, the delegation of the Arabic domain "المغرب." to the ANRT.

The registration of domain names under this new ccTLD will open according a process that will be published later by ANRT.

  • Registering a domain name under the descriptive extension "gov.ma"
  • Registering a domain name ".ma" relating to a reserved term

.ma is the territorial extension defining Morocco's Internet domain (for example, ".be" for Belgium ".tn" for Tunisia, etc.).

These extensions, called "Country Code Top Level Domain" (CCTLD) are defined according to the ISO3166 standard.

Currently, there are 285 CCTLDs delegated through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to designated administrators (i.e.: ANRT for.ma).

For more information, visit the Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).